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About us

Mex Travel is a professional travel organization that Designs - Builds and provides different - Special - Unique travel programs for customers to fully enjoy the happiness of living with a passion for travel.

From the very first days of our start-up, every member of Mex Travel has brought with them a passion, a will and a great desire to become one of the Leading Travel Agencies in Vietnam & Reaching Out. World.

Mex Travel Brings quintessential values from People - Culture - Cuisine - Beauty of the country as well as the world to consumers with the best cost and best service.

About us


Satisfying the value of spiritual life and improving the quality of life of customers is the foundation of core values for Mex Travel. These practical values will always be the driving force for the entire innovation, creation and development of tourism products and services with the best quantity and quality of services.

Mex Travel always aims to become a leading quality and prestigious travel service company in Vietnam and enhance the image position of Vietnam in the international arena.

Developing according to the trend of Integration - Sustainability - Corporate efficiency associated with indigenous cultural values, community benefits.


+ Mission: to innovate and develop tourism products and services of good quality to meet the diverse and abundant needs of domestic and international customers.

+ Responsibility: Ensuring the values ​​and benefits of customers as well as satisfying the needs of safety in the tourism service industry when customers use Mex Travel's products. Maximize synergy from different fields main areas of activity, contributing to the development of Vietnam's tourism to a new height.

  • We want to bring understanding
  • We look forward to building a spirit of solidarity
  • We aim to bring true joy to our customers.
  • We succeed when you succeed.

- For customers: always be honest, bring practical benefits and serve wholeheartedly and thoughtfully.

- For partners: cooperation on the basis of respect, long-term, sharing difficulties and mutual benefits.